Course Open - Dropping off Fairways - 5th Hole Closed - Buggies off course
Competition Results

Ladies Winter Links - 27th February 2023
Winner - Bernadette Gillespie (Bundoran) 37pts 2nd - Geraldine Gorman (Donegal) 36pts 3rd - Mary Conefrey (Co. Sligo) 34pts (BOT) 4th - Maureen Childs (Donegal) 34pts Front 9 - Breege McCooey (Donegal) 19pts (BOT) Back 9 - Dympna McNamee (Newtownstewart) 19pts (BOT) Monday 13th March will see the last outing of the year take place & will also see the Lady of the Links crowned.
Men's Winter Links - 15th February 2023
Winner - Stephen Allister (Donegal) 36pts 2nd - Pat Corry (Donegal) 35pts (BOT) 3rd - David Leitch (Donegal) 35pts (BOT) 4th - Declan McDonnell (Strabane) 35pts Gross Winner - David Irvine (Donegal) 27pts Gross 2nd - Mark Little (Donegal) 26pts Gross 3rd - Sean Carlin (Donegal) 25pts Front 9 - Eamonn McGill (Narin & Portnoo) 18pts Back 9 - Liam Gillespie (Donegal) 20pts
Ladies Winter Links - 13th February 2023
Winner - Bernie Finn (Donegal) 35pts 2nd - Crona O'Reilly (Donegal) 33pts (BOT) 3rd - Annette McGettigan (Narin & Portnoo) 33pts 4th - Maureen Childs (Donegal) 32pts (BOT) Front 9 - Joan Thomas (Donegal) 17pts (BOT) Back 9 - Geraldine Gorman (Donegal) 17pts (BOT)
Men's Winter Links - 25th January 2023
Winner - Seamus Mullan (Newtownstewart) 44pts 2nd - Vincent Owens (Donegal) 39pts 3rd - Pat Corry (Donegal) 37pts 4th - Joe O'Hora (Donegal) 36pts (BOT) Gross Winner - Declan Catterson (Newtownstewart) 25pts Gross 2nd - Ciaran Teague (Donegal) 23pts (BOT) Gross 3rd - Ben Corry (Strabane) 23pts Front 9 - Hugh Dillon (Donegal) 19pts Back 9 - Eamonn McGill (Narin & Portnoo) 22pts
Ladies Winter Links - 9th January 2023
Winner - Maureen Childs (Donegal) 27pts 2nd - Michelle O'Rourke (Donegal) 26pts 3rd - Mary Cuthbertson (Newtonstewart) 24pts 4th - Helen O'Shea (Donegal) 22pts Front9 - Jeni Nelson (Newtonstewart) 11pts Back 9 - Marie Cassidy (Donegal) 14pts
Men's Winter Links - 16th November 2022
Winner - Joe O'Hora (Donegal) 42pts (BOT) 2nd - Aiden McAleer (Bundoran) 42pts 3rd - Diarmuid McGettigan (Donegal) 41pts 4th - Cathal Brady (Slieve Russell) 40pts Gross Winner - Justin Coughlin (Donegal) 31pts Gross 2nd - Ryan Porter (Omagh) 30pts Gross 3rd - Harvey Little (Donegal) 29pts Front 9 - Vincent Owens (Donegal) 23pts Back 9 - Seamus Mullan (Newtownstewart) 21pts
Ladies Winter Links - 16th November 2022
Winner - Annette McGettigan (Narin & Portnoo) 39pts 2nd - Edel NEsbitt (Donegal) 37pts 3rd - Bernie Finn (Donegal) 36pts 4th - Hazel Faithfull (Newtownstewart) 35pts Front 9 - Anne-Louise Hicks (Newtownstewart) 22pts Back 9 - Geraldine Giblin (Donegal) 20pts
Open Competition in aid of the Creeslough Comunity Fund - 28/10/22
Winner - Jim Fraher (Farnham Estate) 40pts 2nd - John McCafferty (Donegal) 39pts (BOT) 3rd - Sam Ball (Moortown) 39pts 4th - Hugh Giblin (Donegal) 37pts Gross - Colin Wallace (Dungannon) 31pts Ladies Winner - Donna Meade (Bundoran) 34pts A massive thank you to the Irish Links Initiative for helping to organise this fundraiser & also to the clubs who provided 4 Ball Vouchers as prizes on the day, which were; Trump International (Doonbeg), Carne Golf Links, Dingle Golf Club, Castlegregory Golf Club, Tralee Golf Links, Strandhill Golf Club & Sutton Golf Club. We will also be making a draw next Friday for a 4 Ball at Royal Portrush, and a huge thank you to them also for the donation. There will be 2 more fundraisers taking place in the future at Portsalon Golf Club & North West Golf Club, with the total proceeds being donated via the Irish Red Cross to the Creeslough Comunity fund. Thank you to everyone who played, bought raffle tickets or simply just donated to the cause. Prize List as Follows; 1st Place - 4 Ball @ Tralee + 4 Ball @ CastleGregory 2nd Place - 4 Ball @ Trump International Doonbeg 3rd Place - 4 Ball @ Carne 4th Place - 4 Ball @ Dingle Gross - 4 Ball @ Sutton Ladies - 4 Ball @ Strandhill
Men's Winter Links - 26th October 2022
Winner - Tommy Forbes (Strabane) 39pts 2nd - Stephen O'Sullivan (Donegal) 38pts 3rd - John McCaughan (Donegal) 37pts 4th - Eamonn McGill (Narin & Portnoo) 35pts (BOT) Gross 1st - Mark Davis (Ballyliffin) 29pts Gross 2nd - Ryan Porter (Omagh) 24pts Gross 3rd - Donie McCole (Narin & Portnoo) 22pts Front 9 - Declan McDonnell (Strabane) 18pts (BOT) Back 9 - Eamonn Davis (Portsalon) 18pts
Men's Winter Links - 12th October 2022
Winner - Billy Silcock (Donegal) 46pts 2nd - Donie McCole (Narin & Portnoo) 39pts (BOT) 3rd - Declan Devine (Donegal) 39pts 4th - Joe O'Hora (Donegal) 37pts Gross 1st - Kealan Quigg (City of Derry) 33pts Gross 2nd - Justin Coughlin (Donegal) 28pts Gross 3rd - Mark Little (Donegal) 27pts Front 9 - Aiden Lynch (Omagh) 23pts Back 9 - Seamus Mullan (Newtownstewart) 23pts
Ladies Winter Links - 10th October 2022
Winner - Helen O'Shea (Donegal) 32pts (BOT) 2nd - Catriona McCullagh (Newtownstewart) 32pts (BOT) 3rd - Anne Marie McCormick (Donegal) 32pts 4th - Anne Hawkshaw (Donegal) 31pts (BOT) Front 9 - Mary Talbot (Donegal) 19pts Back 9 - Crona O'Reilly (Donegal) 18pts
Wednesday Open - 5th October 2022
Winner - Declan Gallagher 36pts 2nd - Denis Nolan 34pts 3rd - Henry Duignan 31pts Gross - William Buttimer (Macroom) 20pts