Course Open - Please take a divot bag & repair all Pitchmarks
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Our young and up and coming Juniors took to the Murvagh Links on Saturday past to get their first taste of competitive golf on the course.

Under the expert guidance of Club Professional Leslie Robinson, Junior Convenor Martin Carr & Mary B Meehan, the group of eager young guns set off out to the course to see what they could do. Thankfully the rain that had been forecast all week did not appear and the young Juniors were able to showcase all their promising swings that have been moulded by Leslie and produce some fine shots that no doubt will get them excited even more about the game of golf.

After the on-course heroics there was still time for a little putting competition to help them hone in their skills with the flat stick and emphasise the importance of their short games. It was then on to the clubhouse were there was some refreshments put on by our Caterers Colm & Fiona Roper to help refuel and a small presentation of prizes to all in attendance.

Junior Convenor Martin welcomed all the juniors into the clubhouse and thanked all the parents and volunteers for coming up on the evening. Martin singled out special praise for Club Professional Leslie for all his hard work throughout the year by going out to schools during the winter and then the lessons all summer and to Mary Meehan who has been ever present on Monday evenings at the lessons and put a lot of effort into organising all the prizes for the night (thank you also to Ciaran Smyth from Rossmore Golf Club for donating prizes for the kids also.). He also thanked the caterers, Calm and Fiona Roper, for the fantastic food they put on for the kids on the evening. There was time then for any questions and Martin reminded all the kids that if they did have any questions in the future to get in contact with himself, Mary or Leslie and they would be more than happy to help.

Thank you to all that came out and lessons continue Monday evenings from 6pm for the beginners and Fridays from 6-7pm for the Juniors with handicaps.


Junior Convenor Martin dishes out some words of wisdom to the Juniors who where in attendance on the night. For the full photo album of the night head on over to the Donegal Golf Club Facebook page HERE