Course Open

Par 4 - 371 Metres/406 Yards

Hole Description

This area of Donegal has been inhabited for millennia, as evidenced by the number of ringforts or raths that have been located in the surrounding countryside. Tradition associates the circular remains of the rath with leprechauns and fairies, calling them 'fairy forts'. It is speculated that one may have existed here just short and to the left of the green.

Pro's Tip

The fairway of this par 4 heads slightly left, and the golfer has a decision to make on the tee; play up short, or accurately thread his best drive in between the two fairway bunkers. Donegal’s version of the Valley of Sin, the swale to the front & right of the green is unseen and can catch the best of shots making for a very difficult up and down.

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