Course Open

Par 5 - 502 Metres/549 Yards

Hole Description

Another one of the signature holes of the course.

In the Annals of the Four Masters, it is recorded that in 1490, a race meeting was held, where Turlough O'Boyle, a local chieftain, was thrown from his horse and died as a consequence, as he raced up what was called 'the ridge of Murbhach' or Moyne Hill as we know it. Voted the best Par 5 eighth hole on the west coast of Europe

Pro's Tip

The elevated tee here requires a solid hit to carry to the fairway. Favour the right side as the fairway kicks to the left. A blind second shot should favour the left of centre to avoid a deep and treacherous chasm, however, the long hitter will shoot directly over it, to an elevated fairway. On approach, particularly with a longer iron, favour the right and benefit from the slopes to feed your ball to the centre of the green. Another generous green, but be sure to be up.

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